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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Basic website architecture can improve the visibility of your website in search engines. By integrating search engine optimization standards like meta-data, heading tags, strong text, proper image names and alt text with targeted keywords and focused content, we will increase your organic search rankings.

Maintenance: Regular search engine optimization updates are recommended to increase your rankings. Periodic content and keyword updates based on customized performance reporting will drive more customers to your business and keep your website relevant in search engines.

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    Keyword Research & Analysis

    Keyword Research and Analysis to identify the best keywords and phrases for your target audience

    To help you generate a high return on investment, we help you identify and choose the best broad and specific keywords that your target audience uses when searching for your products or services.

    We research keywords and keyword phrases and compare actual search volumes to get you the most search engine exposure.

    Maintenance: Keyword research is a continuous effort where you track your customers search terms and use the results to update your website by incorporating the wide range of keyword phrases your customers use to connect with your business.

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    Paid Advertising & PPC

    Pay Per Click Campaign

    Maximize your conversions with targeted keywords and professionally written ads. We track results and adjust your campaign so you continue to get the most from your advertising budget. For instant results, you cannot beat incorporating a PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign into your search engine marketing strategy. Basically, you pay for page placement of your ads and receive instant traffic to your site.

    A successful campaign requires monthly management and maintenance to optimize each ad over time. We help you reach your target audience by managing your ads and monitoring the resulting traffic. Using targeted ads and focused landing page content, we help you to convert sales when potential customers reach your page. By analyzing account activity, performance reports, and sales conversions, ads will periodically need to be updated to optimize performance and exposure to your target audience.

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    Our Paid Advertising Services focus on:

    • Strategic Keyword Selection
    • Optimization using “negative words”
    • Comprehensive Competitor Analysis
    • Proper use of Regional Targeting
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • Strategic Customer Targeting
    • Optimized Budgeting
    • Ad Performance Tracking Report

    Compare our PPC Advertising Campaign Setup & Management Plans.

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    Social Media Marketing & Networking

    Social Media Marketing and Networking

    Developing a social presence is important for the social reputation of your business, the importance of which is growing every day with multitude of social networks available, like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Social media helps create pathways for you to reach individuals and communities, develop a positive social reputation for your business, and attract followers and potential customers based on your networking.

    SIGNS Campaign: Social Internet Growth & Networking Solutions

    Our SIGNS Campaign can maximize your "Visibilty" on the internet. We set-up the 6 most effective social website profiles for maximizing your exposure. Linking between high-traffic social websites will increase your websites relevancy and "findability" in search engine results.


    • 6 Social Site Profile Setup
    • Custom Facebook Fan Page Design
    • Cross-linking of Social Accounts
    • Social Media Management

    Properly engaging multiple social accounts and websites is a time consuming process. We offer professional writing services and can manage the full initiation of your SIGNS campaign. Simply fill out our information form and we will activate and cross-link all of your social accounts; we also provide you with an easy-to-use login spreadsheet with passwords and quick links to all of your logins. Just another way eSpire tries to simplify the process of managing your business solutions. Begin building your business's social presence today with these popular social networking accounts, let us help you get started.

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    Business Directory Listings

    Business Directory Submittals

    Submitting your business information to top directories like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more is a great way to build numerous backlinks to your website and increase search engine rankings. For the best results, we recommend combining both free and paid listings in hundreds of industry-specific and general directories to build momentum for your website. If you currently have directory listings with out-dated information, it is important to update your information and will increase your search engine results if all your business's contact information available online is the same and correct.

    Make finding your business location easy with directions using Google maps, Yahoo, Bing and more.

    Along with SEO advantages, directory listings like Google Maps & Google Places, Bing Maps, and Yahoo! Maps give the public and potential customers an easy way to locate your business online, get directions and view maps to find you, read reviews and leave comments about your business, and get discounts and information about your company.

    Contact us to begin submitting your business information to directories, or to claim and update your current listings data.

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    Analytics & Performance Reporting

    Analytics and Performance Reporting

    Web analytics are an excellent tool for conducting research for your business.

    Using web analytics tools, like Google Analytics and other internet tools, we collect and analyze your website’s statistical data to better understand your visitor’s web usage and optimize your site for future visitors.

    Our Performance Reports & Analytics Tools focus on:

    • Website Traffic Sources and Trends
    • Number of Visitors and New Visitors
    • Visitor Keyword Searches
    • Visitor Demographics and Behavior Trends
    • Landing Pages and Exit Pages
    • Number of Page Views
    • Google AdWords Campaign Reporting (PPC)
    • Track eCommerce Goals and Conversions
    And many more variables depending on your goals…

    With our reporting tools, we will help you gain invaluable market research to assist in gauging traffic and popularity trends while making suggestions to improve your website and your target audience’s response to your marketing campaign.

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    Innovative Marketing Services

    We provide internet services like banner ads and bulk email campaigns, as well as a range of traditional marketing services.

    Monthly Management Services

    If you are interested in using SEM and SEO to increase your internet visibility, or if your
    business is time sensitive and you have continuous website updates you may be interested in
    our Monthly Management & Maintenance Services. Contact Us for a Free Consultation.

    Disclaimer: Thousands of websites register every month competing for top placement in search results. Top placement in search engines cannot be guaranteed. It takes time and continued website montioring and maintenance to be viewed at the top of search engine results. To ensure priority placement of your website we recommend continual modifications to your website to keep your content fresh and relevant.