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Select a Domain Name for your Website

  • Register new domain names or transfer existing domain names easily and for less.

    Internet growth is world-wide and every day more domain names are taken over. Even if you haven’t considered a website, it is a good idea to safe guard your investments by buying your domain name before a competitor does.

    Search whois for a Domain Name Here!

    How to Buy a Domain Name

    Research Keywords: Research the keywords related to your website and check out your competition. Based on what you find, choose a domain name that best reflects your industry by determining and targeting the related keywords.
    Tip: If you do not name your website the same as your Company name, it’s a good idea to have your keywords in your domain name for ranking purposes.

    Choose top-level domain (TLD): A TLD is the suffix of your domain (i.e. .com, .org, .net, etc). A .com is usually associated with a commercial site, .org for non-profit organizations, and so on. In the U.S. a .com should be your first preference if you are not a non-profit; if .com is not available then .net would be a good second choice.

    Check History of Domain Name: Before you purchase your domain name it is a good idea to do a Google search to see if your name has any history on the web.
    Tip: Purchase available domain names that are similar to yours to protect your online business identity and keep them from being bought by competitors. For example, purchase your domain name with dashes separating words, hyphenated spellings, and in available TLDs like .com, .net, etc. Protect your business interest!

    How to Register a Domain Name

      • Go to eSpire Solutions Domain Registrar.

      • Search for your preferred domain name. Have some back-up domain names in mind in      case your first choice is not available.

      • Purchase your domain name.
        Tip: If you plan on hosting your domain with eSpire Solutions, you can receive your domain     name free for the first year, simply setup web hosting before purchasing your domain name and     you will be given an option to pick your free domain name during checkout.

      • Domain names are paid for on a yearly basis.
        Tip: Increase your domain ranking by purchasing your name for more than 1 year; also consider     setting up auto-renewal of your domain name so you do not lose it by mistake.

      • Set your DNS (domain nameservers) settings to point at your hosting account if not already set      by default.

    Contact Us if you have questions about your domain name registration.
    After you have selected your domain name, the next step is Hosting your website online.